Top 6 Hair Care Tips For Rainy Season

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The monsoons may be romantic, but in reality, the climate takes a toll on the hairs. Monsoon moisture leaves hairs worn out, lifeless and brittle; as a result, you lose clumps of hairs during this time of the year.

Hair Care Tips For Rainy Season

Let the melody of monsoon play on your mind, not its menace on the hairs. This high-on-humidity climate is the primary reason behind hair fall. The Hair’s chemical structure creates its unusually sensitive to airborne hydrogen. In this climate, the hairs absorb hydrogen, forming bonds, and swells until the sleek cuticle erupts to make them frizzy. But, you can take care of your hair by doing some simple and small everyday things, which we mostly ignore.


The stormy year is knocking at the door and it’s time for having some extra care for the hair, as the monsoon is not really a close friend for your tresses. This is the time when you are going to face issues like limpness, greasiness and hair fall. Another reason that adds to the issue is the presence of environmental pollutants in rainwater that culminates in infection on the scalp that weakens roots and causes hair fall. As much as we hate to admit, the issue is rather severe and has to be dealt with promptness. We provide you with 6efficient guidelines that will help you avoid monsoon hair fall like a pro!

1) Hair Shampoo Daily

If only we could sit at home and enjoy the serenity of the rains. We all know this is unrealistic, but what you can do is clean and condition the hairs as soon as you get home. This is the only way you can keep your head clean. Regular shampooing won’t cause to hair fall or dry scalp, provided you use a mild shampoo.

2) Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking at least 8-12 glasses of water every day is another tip to avoid hair fall in monsoon. Water helps clean off the toxins from our body. These poisons along with fungus infections can aggravate hair fall issue. Drink normal water or filtered water which is devoid of chlorine, cause etc for healthier hairs.


3) Oil And Wash

Hair changes rough, dry and frizzy during monsoon. A quick and organic oil massage followed by hair clean results in smooth, frizz-free and controllable hairs. It also becomes necessary to provide a hot oil massage to the hairs every weekend or twice in a week, as head changes itchy and flaky in rains. Alternatively, you can also opt for hairs masks and other treatments to nourish your weak hairs, should the need arise.

4) Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is considered to be a miracle plant when it comes to all-natural hairdressing remedies. It can be used to treat dry skin, split ends and hair fall issues in any year. Massaging Aloe Vera gel into the head restores pH balance, reduces hairs bacteria, relieves head itching, promotes the growth of hair and eliminates dry skin among many other notable benefits.

5) Avoid Trash Food

Restrict your consumption of unhealthy food such as burger, fries, chips, sugary edibles, etc., to a minimum amount as it contributes to hair fall. Hair fall indicates a deficiency of some key ingredients in your system, so make sure you have a balanced and holistic diet. Start such as protein-rich foods in your daily diet such as soybean, eggs, low-fat cheese, beans, salmon and yoghurt to avoid hair fall in monsoon.

6) Eat Sprouts

Eat a normal size bowl of sprouts every day. Also, include fruits and veggies, leafy vegetables, raw salads and whole grains to complete your daily diet. Sprouts are fiber rich and nutrients such as Vitamin E, Potassium and Iron; all these are efficient constituents of lustrous hairs that also avoid hair fall.


Now here are additional guidelines that you can follow for the better treatment of the hairs during the monsoons. Hair is a prevalent issue in monsoons, as excess moisture in the environment creates the hair dry and coarse. Therefore, conditioning is much essential during the monsoons. A good conditioner smoothes out the hairs, making it easily controllable. Ingredients like Avocado Oil and Burdock in conditioners will provide the hair with a silky smooth feel and also help avoid hair fall. And if the hair is oily it tends to become lifeless during monsoons, therefore, the hair needs shampoos that will provide volume to the hairs. Natural extracts like rosemary and sage can help in providing that additional bounce and vitality to lifeless hairs.

The monsoon is a favourite year for lots of individuals. In fact, there are those who wait for rain all year long to seek respite from the dreaded heat! But on some level or the other, the very same individuals dread the monsoons too, because along with the monsoons come hair troubles. The climate is sticky, there’s too much moisture in the air and as a result, there’s an increase in hair fall/ hair breakage too.

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