Four Ways The Internet Has Changed Shopping



The rise of the Internet has had a huge impact on our society. Technology is part of nearly everything we do and there aren’t many moments during the day when we aren’t just a few clicks away from talking to the whole world. But what about shopping? How has the Internet changed how we shop?

Impact of Internet on Shopping

Interestingly, when you talk about shopping, most people don’t make any distinction whether you are shopping online or offline. Saying to someone that you are thinking of buying shoes doesn’t automatically reveal whether you’ll head out to an online store like H&M or the brick-and-mortar store of the same brand. We don’t discriminate between the two shopping methods – we just shop.

However, the Internet has not changed our vocabulary around shopping. There are other important ways the rise of the Internet has had on impact. Here are the four most prevalent.

Impact Of Internet On Shopping

Shoppers Can Find Personalised And Relevant Products

When you walk into a physical store, you either have to spend time looking around or know exactly what you want. You don’t get an automated suggestion that those jeans you’re buying from Amazon would also fit the shirt from the same website. On the other hand, whenever you shop for something online, you will get personalised suggestions. For better and for worse, sites can read you and learn about your shopping behaviour. They will learn to know your interests and you will receive much better suggestions in terms of what to buy next.

You have a much bigger selection of products in front of you because of the Internet. If you are a passionate chef, you don’t just need to shop for utensils in your local supermarket. You can potentially order the best pots and pans from all over the world.

Shoppers Make Informed Decisions

The Internet is a great place for finding information. In the old days, you just had to rely on the salesperson’s sale pitch and any tips you might have received from your closest friends. Nowadays, you can search online for reviews from people all over the world and get product demos that are not just by the brands that want to sell you things. You are always able to find information and make your shopping decision based on information, not just a sales pitch that’s designed to hook you up.

Online Customer Review

The information you can find online isn’t just restricted to research and written words. Technology has taken huge leaps in recent times and you can actually feel the products jump off the screen these days. Interactive video and 360-degree views mean you get a much better sense of how the product behaves in real life as well. Furthermore, you don’t even have to worry about not being able to test what certain items would look on you or in your house. Interactive programs allow you to download your pictures or floor plans on the retailer’s site, allowing you to test the actual look of the product. Indeed, you might often learn more about the product’s suitability for you online rather than testing in the physical world.

Shoppers Have Gotten A Voice

You’ve also noticed how shoppers have a bigger voice in the modern world. You don’t just tell about a bad product or shopping experience to your closest friends and family. You can now share it with the world on social media and retailers have had to take notice. Because anyone can say anything about the retailer, they want to pay more attention to ensuring customer queries are sorted quickly and the shopping experience is a good on. You aren’t simply just spending money and increasing the retailer’s bottom line. Your shopping experience actually matters – shoppers have definitely become more valuable.

Customer Satisfaction Is Important

Shoppers Use Phones Just As A Tool To Shop In-Store

While online shopping has undoubtedly increased and will probably continue to grow in the next few years, it hasn’t completely scrapped our need to shop in-store. In fact, many shoppers are just using the Internet as a tool to find better deals, learn about the products, or discover new places to shop. When it comes to buying the items, we often still choose to do so in a physical store, albeit often using technology like MobiKwik’s mobile payments.

You could find a coupon at and print them out, check the retailer’s location and head out shopping. Indeed, big brands such as Adidas have found that mobile clicks on their store locators have generated extra sales. Therefore, the Internet has not completely destroyed physical stores as some have suggested. Indeed, small retailers have to harness the power of online presence in order to push for increases in-store sales.

The Internet has revolutionised the world and it has definitely not treated shopping any differently. The relationship between customers and retailers has changed, with the power shifting to the consumer. Online shopping has provided us with new tools and opportunities. However, it has not made us rely just on the Internet; we still love to shop, whether online or offline.

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